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The teacher, Nicola


I used to do yoga sometimes together with my parents when I was a child, so yoga has always seemed very natural and straightforward to me.


I started meditating during a journey through Asia in the 80's. Visiting a Buddhist monastery in Thailand out of curiosity developed into staying on for a year, meditating for hours every day. This led to a quite profound experience of becoming more aware, and discovering what it's like to be really alive and awake in the present moment.


Returning to Sweden I trained as a physio-therapist and worked for some years with cardiac rehabilitation. I sometimes thought about how good it would be to reach people before they got so ill.


While working in Stockholm, where I lived in the 90's, I came across a school that taught both physical yoga, and also the full range of yogic techniques - the breathing, the meditations - Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school.


I joined their evening classes, and finally in

-98, participated in the annual three-month residential yoga and meditation course at the course centre in southern Sweden.


The course gave intensity a new meaning! Practising yoga and meditation many hours a day, I experienced such a strong energy, and such clarity, such a sense of well-being, and such lightness in the body.


I realized that this course was life-changing, and felt a strong inspiration to pass this on to others. What better way to help than to give people tools for daily life that they can use themselves?


I stayed on at the school, living in the ashram and undergoing the four year full-time yoga teacher training. I lived in the school seven years, immersing myself in the practises, helping to run the school together with the other teachers, and teaching and helping the many students who came to the yoga centre. 


Because I am British, I've always felt a wish to come back to the UK, and in January 2007 I moved to London and started to teach independently here.








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